Formed in 2004, GPS is leader in the provision of Skilled Personnel and Equipment to the Oil and Gas industries throughout the Tunisian Territory, extended now mainly to Libya through its subsidiary based in Tripoli and in Algeria.

GPS operates and maintains hydrocarbon production facilities on behalf of the asset owners. Our vision for this business is to:

  • Operate multiple client facilities at minimum operating costs through innovative operations and maintenance strategies and Human Resource sharing between clients.
  • Provides cost effective facility operations and maintenance services. We can also provide our clients with individual O&M services or develop large-scale maintenance programs.
  • We also provide a broad range of technical services for our customers.

Our competitive advantage in contract operations is our capacity to provide our customers with very high standards of services thanks to the companies within we collaborate such as: BG-Group, Total, Mabruk oil Group, TPS, Serept, Socomenin, Schlumberger, Pireco, Scin, Socobat…